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Carpets and Floor Coverings Vinyl Underlay
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Produce including, carpets, ornaments, pictures, furniture, collectables, shrubs and plants, garden furniture and eggs. A seemingly endless list of items fall prey to the auctioneer's hammer weekly auction at Kidderminster Market Auctions Limited. In addition private sales of carpets are conducted daily with a large and varied stock to choose from - and offering real value for money.

Flooded or water damaged homes and businesses, WE CAN HELP...

Carpets and Floor Coverings Vinyl UnderlayAre you looking for replacement carpets and vinyl flooring for flooding and water damaged property.

Put your insurance company in touch with us today. Pop in and take a look at our wide range of floor coverings and underlays.

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Storage Hunters, looking for bargains.

West Mercia Police AuctionsWe regularly auction house and storage clearence items. Come in to our open viewings, take a look at the wide range of quality items..

We also work with West Mercia Police Authorities lost and unreturnable property team.

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